How to order | Made-to-order


In order to make glasses that suit your personal life style I try to find out about your taste in clothes, your work and hobbies talking with you in person.
■Materials for glasses
We use plastic blocks called cellulose acetates such as one made in Japan and European antiques, which are best for making glasses,as materials for our frames.
We have a wide range of solid and patterned colors that would allow you the choice of modern, vintage
or unique colors for your frame.
■The Design
We have various designs in stock that we have constantly changed and improved.
We’re always trying new designs to keep our frames more interesting and fascinating.
■The Sizes
I measure your face and take photos of you to make sure your glasses fit you perfectly. I’m sure you will agree that It is very important that your glasses fit well just the same as your clothes and shoes are much more comfortable when they are your perfect size.

We can make One-Of-A-Kind frame for you such as ones with your favorite animal’s temples.
If you have a style in mind, I can draw that design for you.